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In any industry, a company is only as great as its people, and greatness is defined by their leadership team. We asked EJ Burrows, one of the core pillars and CEO of Skymatics, to let us in on where he gathers his inspiration, his vision of a leader and how he got to where he is now.

Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right– Professor Warren G. Bennis

What are the 2 greatest lessons your experience has taught you?


1. Taking action is key, it’s great to have a novel idea but it doesn’t mean anything unless you take action to make it a reality.
2. It’s really important to get out of your comfort zone. Change can be uncomfortable sometimes but you’ll always be stuck in the same place unless you’re willing to accept the discomfort that comes with change.

Who/What inspires you most?


My parents, I could write a book about all the ways they inspire me but I’ll keep it short and just say they’re two awesome people who inspire me to do my best in everything I do.

If you could perfect any skill, what would it be? Why?I don't think its possible to ever be too organized - EJ Burrows Skymatics CEO


Organization. Running a start up company in a fast paced industry means lots of last minute requests, phone calls and meetings which can make for a hectic schedule so the more organized you can try to be the better, plus I don’t think it’s possible to ever be too organized.

Where do you want to go next (in terms of your career)?


I have no concrete plans at the moment, part of the success of Skymatics to date has been our ability to be agile and adapt to the market and change based on our customers’ needs, so that’s kind of how I see my career, I plan to go wherever life takes me!

What did you overcome to get to here?


A fear of failure. Taking the leap to move to another country to start a company from nothing meant going all in and hoping I didn’t fail, which is/was a very scary thing to do, but being an entrepreneur means committing fully and just going for it.

As a leader, what’s your biggest challenge?


Being the cool, calm, collected one. I think no matter what is going on people should always be able to look to the “leader” as the calm voice of reason no matter how crazy things may get.

How do you find balance?


I think it’s very important to unplug occasionally. We now use tons of apps to always be in touch but sometimes it’s important to turn off the phone and just be in the moment with your family, so that’s what I try to do whenever I can.

If you could fly a drone anywhere, where would it be? Why?


Vulcan Point in the Philippines, just because it’s a super interesting place, Vulcan Point is an island on a lake on an island on a lake on an island…. pretty cool stuff!

Our team continues to deliver innovative solutions to our clients while also researching and developing new technologies. Geospatial data provides valuable insight but isn’t always easy to read. Skymatics is out to change that with the kind of leadership EJ Burrows provides.