This week our team went on a field trip to Lacombe, Alberta for a canola conference, CanolaPalooza. We’ve always got drones in mind, so how else can we use them in agriculture?

This outdoor event was at the Lacombe Research and Development Center in Alberta. The best research and agronomy experts gathered for a day of interactive in-field learning. Hosted by the Canola Council of CanadaAlberta Canola, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The Skymatics truck, lucky enough to get a great spot.

We arrived with an idea in mind. How do we better help farmers who fields have been damaged due to hail? Flood? Wind? Disease? They have crop insurance for a reason, let’s make claims less stressful by providing real data. Could our drones help? Our SkyClaim app creates accurate reports (click here to sign up for example reports) from drone imaging to better identify problems and more accurately reflect damage. Therefore making claims with insurance companies becomes easier, and who doesn’t love that?

We had a great time, can’t wait to go back next year. Our team went with the primary goal of learning more about canola and we left with inspiration & ideas. We met Alberta company Agricast, had a drone demo from LandView Drones and lastly (our favorite part) ice cream from Peppermint Andy’s.

See you next year,

– Skymatics