When you’re doing construction, why do you need a drone? How can something so small become a powerful tool?

Skymatics has 5 ways to improve your project: 

1._Project Management

  1. Your job is big, complicated, and demands your attention. Any less than your full consideration and details will potentially quietly slip by. An aerial view allows you to watch your timelines, inputs, outputs, and progression throughout your project life cycle. From the field or in an office on the other side of the country, video and photos can give you a real world view of whats happening on site. Keeping you on time, and on budget.



[No] need to visit as much. This helps construction companies save on travel expenses”

Drone Deploy Case Study



  1. How much time and man power do you invest in inspections? Utilize a drone with a 4K video capture and high-resolution photographic camera to give full inspections with a retained history, in a fraction of the time and resources.
    1. For example, aerial mapping for PT (post-tension) support systems when pouring concrete are expedited and highly accurate by WEST Builders, featured here.Decrease lead time for concrete sans from 7-14 days down to 3 hours with drones and aerial data


  1. How far along is your project? When you build something large (i.e. bridge, building, mine) are you able to see everything? Have a comprehensive view of your project, and notice potential delays before they become schedule-breaking issues.


“Before I began using aerial imagery, I spent hours studying the civil, electrical and communications plans, and I still didn’t catch some of the things that I catch now.”Nick Johnson, Contract Project Manager and Owner, Tilt Rock of Texas



  1. Share your progress with partners and investors. Providing drone captured visuals throughout your project shows your development in a tangible way. Having photos and videos also aid in stakeholder agreement for current and future projects. 


  1. We’ve saved the most important for last. Getting a visual without putting your employees and contractors at risk.


“Anything that we can do to eliminate a hazard where an employee can be injured through the use of technology, that’s great for me,” – Clark Peterson, VP of Environmental, Health & Safety, Skanska USA Civil


Skymatics’ experience spans the globe. Originating in Bermuda, our Canadian company also has partners throughout North and South America and Europe. We’re bringing our worldly knowledge to the province of Alberta. We are actively seeking projects to enhance.

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