Dapoxetine: Are our brains responsible for the obesity epidemic?

Dapoxetine: Are our brains responsible for the obesity epidemic? 2018-03-23T11:33:06-07:00

Sitting in a booth at Chevys Fresh Mex, one October evening, I began reviewing the science of hunger and obesity. I devoured a sumptuous shrimp and a mouth-licking crab enchilada; I guess I consumed about two-thirds of it. With the shocking revelations that I discovered out of my study, I was wondering whether I would attain my ambition of getting under 190 pounds.

As I delved into the study of the appetite for fatty and salty foods, such as guacamole, some temptations that were out of the ordinary crept into my head. The bowlful of chips at the edge of the table, as well as that of deliciously luring salsa, was urging me to consume more and more of them. The bowl seemed to say to me, “We are sure you want us, and you can’t deny it. After all, are we not mouth-watering?” In a matter of some few minutes, the bowl was empty, and my willpower gone with the contents.

I just couldn’t muster enough willpower to say no to the bowl of chips although I had made the decision to reduce my weight. I’m sure I’m not the only person going through this kind of dilemma. Foods such as chocolate, chips, and burgers are daily pushing people’s weights up and up. And they are doing nothing about it. Obesity has wrecked our health, and our healthcare economy is crippled. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a study in 2010 that unmasked shocking revelations. Two-thirds of all American adults were overweight, and one-thirds of all American children and adolescents were obese. The findings of the study further revealed that some nine states in the US had an obesity rate of 30%. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problem among men, both young and old. I believe that the best medicine that can eliminate this disorder is Dapoxetine. I can say with confidence that tablets act almost perfectly, for about 4 or 5 hours and they really increase the duration of sex. This was totally unprecedented. The study further revealed that treatment for issues related to obesity accounted for 10% of the American medical expenditure. The once called normal weight has become abnormal.

This era of overweight people has been dubbed by the American Medical Association’s Journal as the “age of obesity and inactivity.” It is an indubitable truth that if this widespread weight gain goes unchecked, the lifespan of the average American citizen is going to be greatly decreased. This is going to have a reversing effect on the gains made from reducing the risk factors as a result of smoking, cholesterol, and hypertension. We all know what we should do to overcome obesity. We know we should eat less and exercise more, but no one seems to be following this. Research has shown that 43% of women and 25% of men attempt to lose weight each year. And about 5% manage to keep it off for a long time.

We all might wonder why our bodies seem to be working against their own health. Many neurobiologists maintain that the problem is our heads and not our stomachs. This is because while we know the dangers, we keep on eating the wrong quantities of the wrong foods. However, scientists have embarked upon a study of the brain that might discover a powerful hormone that is going to help our minds stay conscious and strong enough to resist the allure of foods that make our weights increase. With this, you will be able to enjoy your food, brain keeping everything in check.